The Bruce Fox Elevator Pitch in under 30 seconds...

Bruce Fox, Inc. is the premier designer and producer of meticulously-crafted recognition award solutions, specializing in custom work.  We are also engaged in a broader range of product applications, including ID/signage, point-of-consumer displays, commemoratives, premiums and promotional gifts-nearly anything that can be designed and built.

With a blank sheet of paper as a starting point, we design, engineer and manufacture product solutions specific to the organizational themes, cultures and brands of our distributors’ clients.

Our full-service design, engineering and domestic and sourced manufacturing capabilities are backed by the state-of-the-art data and web-based customer interface solutions -as well as full distribution services- for a true one-stop experience. Bruce Fox offers 75 years of experience as an agency-style creative resource and a job-shop studio of master craftsmen.

Check out both our “Expression of Brand” and “Fusion Awards Studio” for a look at how custom concepts can be put to work for you.